Sarah Albert - Mortgage Broker
If you're the kind of person that won't back down from your dreams? Neither will she!
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Sarah Albert

Mortgage Broker
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Sarah Albert is about much more than mortgages.

Her story is about doing the right thing.

You might even be tempted to call her the “Erin Brockovich” of the Mortgage world.

Like the true life tale of a down on her luck single mother rising to the top by uncovering a systematic cover-up of industrial poisoning, Sarah's passion is being the voice for those who don't know how to yell. Whether is taking on the big banks for clients, fighting for fair play on house league sports teams, or speaking and inspiring groups of “delinquent teens” she has gone head to head with the big boys and has never been intimidated by their bullying or bravado.

Sarah is a graduate of the Wallace McCain Entrepreneurial Leadership Program a forum designed to fast track entrepreneurial development. Sarah was chosen from 400 Atlantic Canadian elite entrepreneur delegates to be among the top 15 deemed to have the highest growth potential. Sarah has served on the board of Directors for Mortgage Professionals Canada and continues to be a strong voice for the association.

Sarah believes Mortgage Brokers play a large role in the future of the Real Estate industry and the financial health of Canadian consumers. She is very vocal in her certainty that the potential to increase standards and professionalism in the Canadian mortgage industry is untapped, and collaboration among all levels of Government, Banks, Insurers, Brokerages and Agents is mandatory to allow Canadians to flourish and be financially secure.

She is a rebel, a fighter, friend and mother.

So if you're the kind of person that won't back down from your dreams? Neither will she!
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