Lisa Godin - Mortgage Associate
Thank you for never giving up and building us a roadmap to our new home!
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Lisa Godin

Mortgage Associate
From her father who was in household financing, to her entrepreneurial grandparents on both sides, Lisa Godin comes by the finance industry honestly.

She likes to scroll through the MLS listings the way most people scroll through their Facebook feed. Arranging mortgages is the perfect job for her as a real estate hobbyist. She is motivated by finding the financing you need and walking you through the process of getting that approval for your beautiful new home.

From working in the corporate world to owning her own businesses in both the retail and service industries, Lisa has developed skills that help her look beyond the status quo and find the unique solutions in this complex world of mortgages.

In her personal life, she is lucky to have found her best friend and love of her life, Craig, 23 years ago. Together, they have raised two beautiful daughters, both of whom are ambitious and all around amazing human beings.

Owning a hobby farm of horses and feral cats keeps the family busy and well grounded. Both species have taught Lisa that respect and trust are an earned privilege, lessons that translate into her everyday dealings.

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